A Symposium on Emerging Technologies and Manufacturing IndustriesHeld on 5th May, 2018, Saturday.

India is synonymous for information technology. IT revolution has given good recognition for India across the world. When India can do it in IT, why can't we do it in manufacturing sector, questioned chief executive of Nuclear Fuel Complex, Dr Dinesh Srivastava.

Speaking after inaugurating the symposium on emerging technologies and manufacturing industries, organised by Awareness in Action in Hyderabad on May 5, he said this was the right time to expose the students to the subject emerging technologies and manufacturing industries since the government is focusing on Make in India and GDP is growing rapidly.

The CEO said that there is going to be huge investment in manufacturing sector like aerospace, steel and other manufacturing industries.

“We have the best age group of people who can perform and deliver for the world. Our industrial sector has to take up the challenge and deliver with the help of younger generation, which can perform and achieve,” he said.

There are vast opportunities, but the problem is employability of the students and providing suitable knowledge and skills for the students, he said adding that he was happy to know that organisations like Awareness in Action are working towards this end. He lauded the efforts of AiA for organising the symposium.

Addressing the symposium on the topic 'Application of Digital Technologies in Engineering', Dr S Shyamsundar said that India is going through a massive uplift. All the digitalization happens by modeling and modeling is the essential factor of digitalization.

The speaker called upon the engineering graduates to get to the fundamentals to come up with revolutionary innovations.

Addressing the participants on 'Aerospace Product Development by Precision Engineering', Dr Subramaniam Karunanidhi said, Precision Engineering is the integration of Design, Development, Manufacturing and Measurement.

Dr K Madhava Krishna explained the participants about robotics. He said that combining the manufacturing with AI opens up a plethora of possibilities in Robotics towards autonomous driving in Indian scenes.

Speaking on the topic '3D printing', Manish Amin explained in detail about the technology, its growth and future in Indian manufacturing sector.

All the speakers lauded the efforts of AiA in organising the symposium on the topics highly relevant for the manufacturing industry and emerging technologies.


Dr. Dinesh Srivastava

Chief Executive, NFC

Dr. Subramaniam Karunanidhi

Outstanding Scientist, RCI - DRDO

Shri Manish Amin

Co-Founder and COO, Global 3D Labs

Dr. S. Shamasundar

Managing Director, ProSIM R&D

Dr. K. Madhava Krishna

Head Robotics Lab & Asso. Prof. IIIT, Hyderabad

Dr. Dinesh Kumar

Senior Scientist, ICMR - NIN

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