Ideas Conclave for Better Hyderabad - 2019Held on February 16 & 17 2018 at Hyderabad

"Ideas are easy. It's the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats."― Sue Grafton

Hyderabad as an urban habitat today is facing multiple challenges. To make our city like Hyderabad, liveable and sustainable, we need to reflect and create novel ideas that can help us deal with the existing urban problems. The Ideas Conclave for Better Hyderabad targets to come up with executable ideas to counter the problems of unplanned, uncontrolled and unpredicted urbanization. The arguments in urban policies so far are dominated by technological solutions to the crisis of urban habitats. The recent Smart City Mission is another example of a policy framework which only thought of transforming urban centres into Industry friendly habitat, without looking at the life of people. The review of the Master plans, City development plan, Integrated Transport System etc. clearly shows the dominance of the idea that- 'technology is the solution to all the urban glitches and improvement in this aspect will make human being live in city happily'. Unfortunately, these plans are neither technologically complete nor they have anything to do with human happiness. This inadequate and distorted image of the policy framework has created unsustainable, unsafe and non-liveable cities. For that matter, Hyderabad city is no exception. The ITS master plan identifies problems in traffic management and public transport and it is believed that if city dwellers are given information, road infrastructure equipped with telecommunication and digital technology, the transportation problems can be taken care. This shows the inability to reflect on what are the conditions under which human life can be made happier?

Apart from urban infrastructure there are other important urban issues like deteriorating urban environmental safety in Hyderabad, inappropriateness of the planning, traffic crisis on daily basis, chaotic urban water management, unscientific waste disposal, deteriorating lakes, security threats to human being, city and nation, unprecedented slum growth, loss of green cover and many more issues that warrant urgent attention.

The Ideas Conclave for Better Hyderabad targets to bring these issues before the urban governing body, executing agencies, public and academics. Discussion about these issues will bring awareness among the stakeholders and help improve the existing plans that ensure not only the right to the city but also the obligations of the stakeholders including the denizens in the production of liveable urban habitat. It aims to encourage research on the existing urban problems in our city and facilitate the academic insights reach the implementing agencies.


Shri A.K. Mohanty, IPS (Retd.)

Former DGP
Advisor to the Governor of
Andhra Pradesh & Telangana

Dr. B. Janardhan Reddy, IAS

Principal Secretary, Govt. of Telangana

Shri YVST Sai, IRS

Commissioner of Income Tax

Dr. Hemalatha R

Director ICMR
National Institute of Nutrition (NIN)

Dr. R. Hampaiah

Former Chairman, Biodiversity Board

Shri V. Krishna

Additional Commissioner, GHMC

Dr. B. Dinesh Kumar

Senior Scientist, ICMR - NIN

Dr. G. Rameshwar Rao

Chairman, The Institution of Engineers, TS

Dr. P. Lakshmi

Principal, AMS College of Law for Women

Dr. V. Vinayaka Ram

Associate Professor,
Dept. of Civil Engg.
BITS Hyderabad

Dr. Syeda Azeem Unnisa

Asst. Professor
Dept of Environmental Science, OU

Shri G. Chandramouli


Dr. P.R. Meghanathan

Scientist,NEERI Hyderabad Zone

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